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As a server, your job involves attending to guests before, during, and after their meals by helping them place, receive, and pay for their orders, as well as ensuring the timely delivery of food and beverages by checking on guests’ tables periodically throughout the service time.

As a bartender, your job is to work directly with guests by mixing and serving drink orders behind the bar. Other responsibilities include verifying age requirements, knowing alcohol pairing and tastes, knowing how to make traditional and classy drinks, processing payments, managing inventory, and cleaning bar supplies.

As a busser, it is your responsibility to make sure that tables are set, silverware is placed correctly, and glasses stay full. Additionally, you are expected to support the wait staff to ensure all tables are set and cleared in a timely manner.

As a host/hostess, your job is to make sure that guests feel welcomed, cared for, and valued. You are expected to create a warm and welcoming environment for patrons from the moment they enter the establishment, to the moment they leave. Responsibilities include answering phone calls, rolling silverware, creating server sections, and seating guests based on said server sections, server rotations, and guest reservations.

As a line cook, your job is food preparation and production in an efficient, timely manner. You are expected to oversee the cooking process from start to finish, determine how much time each step requires, and above all ensure food quality. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining station cleanliness and workflow, as well as getting meals out on time.